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Obtaining a new FID (Firearms Purchaser ID Card) and handgun permit.

Apply Online through FARS System

In this application you will need your town’s ORI number. Be sure to use the town you pay your taxes to, which may not be the same as your mailing address. If you are unsure or need your ORI number, contact your local police department. If you do not have a police department and are covered by NJSP, contact your NJSP barracks for their ORI number. Do not guess if you are not sure, the wrong ORI number will cause your application to be denied and you will have to start the process all over again.  

If applying for your first/initial FID Card you will be prompted to watch a PowerPoint for NJ’s firearms training.

You will be prompted to select the application that applies to you: Initial Firearms Purchaser Identification Card, Permit to Purchase a Handgun, Change of Address, Sex, and/or Name, Duplicate/Replacement Card for lost card.

First/initial FID Card applications will need to be fingerprinted at IdentoGo.

# of Handgun Permits: You will then be asked for your number of handgun purchase permits you are applying for at this time. Things to keep in mind when choosing a number. You may only execute 1 permit per 30 days. Each permit is valid for 180 days. Every time you wish to purchase a handgun you will need to go through this application process for permit(s), with the exception of fingerprinting (that is a one time deal). You have the option to apply for a multiple handgun purchase exemption, but you must fit the special exemptions to due so. The average person does NOT apply for this or fit into the special exemptions, therefore would select NO to this question.  

Photo: The application now requires a photograph for FID cards. This is a square passport style photo of yourself with a light background. Remember: no hats or sunglasses. Change your photo to square 1:1 ratio for the correct passport style photo right from your phone.

References: You will need to provide 2 references to complete your application. Names, addresses, phone number and email addresses are needed for references. Your references will receive an email questionnaire after you complete your application. These questionnaires need to be completed for your application to continue through the process, so be sure to contact them and let them know to be expecting it and complete it for you as soon as possible.

Payment: Depending on what you are applying for, you will need to submit payment at the time of application and/or at the time of acceptance to your local police station. You will also need to pay for your fingerprints if getting fingerprinted.

Fingerprinting: All fingerprinting is done thought IdentoGo. You will receive an email with this information but below is the link to schedule your fingerprints. Don’t forget to bring the required photo ID and payment method.

Applying for additional handgun permits.

Applying for additional handgun permits, any changes to current FID (address, sex, name) or Replacement cards.

Follow the beginning steps above for new FID Card through FARS System answering questions appropriately. When you select permit to purchase handgun, change to (address, sex, or name) or replacement card you will be prompted to enter your SBI number from your current FID. You will not need to be fingerprinted again if you already have a FID card.




In order to purchase ammo and long guns in NJ, you must apply for a non-resident FID card in NJ. To do so, follow the steps listed above as if you are a resident, when you are prompted to enter your town ORI use the closest NJSP barracks geographically you.